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Think about IT

Posted: Jan 27, 2016 | By: coaxiscloud

New Years resolutions to spring-cleaning, we are headed into the annual transformation of seasonal tasks be put into action. While we are constantly reminded of life-improvement tips, to-do lists and new trends, we tend to overlook vital tasks as we close one season and head into the next. One thing should remain consistent in our world of constant connection, it is time to think about IT – your information technology. 

In effort to ease your time on task, here are seven areas you should plan to check off your list as done:

Complete an IT audit and plan – this includes your people, processes and technology.

Update your policies and procedures – make sure your policies for equipment, Internet use, privacy, security, email and social media are relevant for your network.

Connected equipment and devices – are you in control of who and how users and guests can access your network.

Storing and protecting your data – are your files backed up, how often, and how long would it take you to restore data in a crisis or network intrusion.

Internet of Things – new smart devices often provide a gateway to network security. Smart appliances, automobiles and health devices may be connecting to your network in unintended ways.

User/client online experiences – from contact forms to chat windows, how is your IT enhancing or hindering your client’s online experience. Take time to test it.

Social media – how is your organization represented professionally and personally by those who work or represent you. The lines of communication on social media continue to blur on source of sentiment.

Like any plan or resolution, success results from a commitment to complete the task. Now is a great time for you to think about your information technology. There is never a convenient time to face a crisis, especially when it may have far-reaching impact for your organization.

Think about IT.

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