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Defining Excellence in Managed Data Hosting for CPAs

Posted: Jan 10, 2018 | By: Jim Hunt
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As tax season gets underway, professional accounting firms must be confident every aspect of their firm’s information technology network is 100% optimized. CPAs require total assurance their network is secure, compliant, backed up and readily accessible to authorized users, both in and out of the office. While each of these factors is vitally important, an additional concern, often overlooked, is the critical need to ensure the firm’s financial software programs are continuously updated.

Like a fine-tuned engine, CPAs expect everything on their IT network is routinely ready for them to efficiently produce quality work, with the most up-to-date resources. A recent survey of financial and accounting firms, conducted by the Hinge Research Institute identified technology issues as one of the top 5 business challenges for accounting and financial services firms. An article on future projections for Tech 2020, published by the CPA professional education firm K2 Enterprises identified software deployment and updates as continuing to be vital for CPAs network efficiency in coming years. While keeping the CPA’s network running is vital, the inherent expectation of both the CPA and their clientele, is the firm is using the most up to date versions of software every day.

As a managed data hosting provider focused on serving CPAs, Coaxis includes the comprehensive technical support for most major financial software programs, including the critical task of the daily installation of software program updates included in our CPA service offering. This is not the norm for many cloud computing services. In fact, a CPA firm’s internal IT manager cannot run software updates once network users are actively using the software. This requires software updates are checked, installed, and tested during most “off-network” hours. Coaxis’ tech support team is certified and scheduled to optimize operations for CPAs financial and tax software. Above and beyond network software administration, Coaxis’ tech support team will also serve as the CPA firm’s tech liaison, if support needs require direct contact with the software vendor.

Just as businesses and individuals expect accurate, up-to-date work from their CPAs, Coaxis’ tech support team is organized to provide the same to CPA clients across the U.S., Canada, and India. We invite you to read more about how we serve CPAs, and let us share our commitment to the best service to the accounting profession.

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