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Coaxis provides the optimal IT configuration for law firms and legal professionals. The work environment of a law firm requires continual connection to research, data and facts. We understand the demands of the law firm to have untethered access to their programs, files and archive of records - this means constant and secure IT connections and significant amounts of data storage. We are experienced and equipped to accommodate the IT network requirements for your firm.

We provide fully-managed hosting, IaaS, and hybrid cloud configurations for law firms and legal professionals. We are experienced in setting up and maintaining software from national vendors in our secure and compliant data center. In addition to mobile access to your data and files, Coaxis also performs multiple backups of your data files on a daily basis.

It is not unusual for law firms to receive and transmit confidential information that must be handled in a secure and compliant manner. Coaxis adheres to the highest level of compliance for IT networks and data for the financial, health care, legal, criminal justice and B2B sectors. In fact, Coaxis is certified to work in compliance with the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) and National Security Act (NSA) requirements. 

Coaxis is experienced in working with law firms with multiple offices and both large and small workforce requirements. 

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