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Tech Audits & Training

A recent report produced by Travelers, the Traveler's Business Risk Index 2015 ( highlighted cyber risks and data breaches as the second-highest risk concern for business owners. It was interesting that legal liability and regulatory compliance were also in among the top seven risk concerns for businesses. It is no surprise that cyber security, online safety and compliance are top-of-mind for business owners.

At Coaxis, we use our research, training and day-to-day experience to share the latest and most critical information for conducting information technology/network audits and cyber security training for all types of businesses and organizations. We provide our continuous professional guidance and support to keep your IT network safe, secure and compliant. Our IT and network audits include:

Upon completion of the audit, we present our findings in a scheduled presentation to the organization's management.

We bring the reality of the less than desirable vulnerabilities that businesses and individuals face in their day-to-day operations. Our cyber security training encompasses processes, procedures and protocol to address all types of cyber security concerns including:

Coaxis provides cyber security audits and training to keep your network and user devices from exposing your organization to risk, loss and downtime.

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