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Good Customer Service Makes a Difference

Posted: Oct 05, 2017 | By: coaxiscloud

The old saying goes..."it is not if, but when." If you work in technology, there will be a time when you need help fast.

We all depend on reliable access to our data. Without data, few businesses can function optimally. 

A recent cybersecurity breach affected numerous financial clients in several western states, prohibiting their access to key hosted data. In addition to their services being disrupted, many of those entities affected were further frustrated by the lack of response to multiple inquiries to their hosting provider. As frustration mounted, calls for help were eventually placed to Coaxis. 

The Coaxis tech support team responded swiftly and smartly, going above any beyond to help retrieve and restore data as quickly as possible. While this type of swift response is the standard for Coaxis, what made it all the better was the comments posted on LinkedIn by Penny Breslin

Penny states it as it is...good customer service makes a difference. Thanks Penny, we appreciate your accolades! 

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